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Cluj Napoca

In 1998 Cognizant Softvision’s first Romanian studio was opened in Cluj and later expanded to other cities in Romania. The Cognizant Softvision Cluj-Napoca studio is our largest studio not only in Romania, but also globally, with eleven offices, most of them located in or near downtown. In 2020, we welcome a brand new space, built with innovative, modern designs, as the flagship studio for Cognizant Softvision globally. Currently, in Cluj we have more than 900 Softvisioners from all over the country.

“It’s no secret that culture has become uber-important over the last several years. In a 2018 study, nearly 50% of job seekers cited company culture as important when applying for a new work role. In our own practice, we’ve seen this as a recurring theme. When candidates ask questions like, ‘What are your studios like?’, ‘What can I expect if I have an issue?’, and ‘What does collaboration look like?’, it’s clear that culture matters. Our culture is marked by our passion for new technologies; our mindset that in order to transform, you must accept the notion that it’s a continual learning process; and our community focus, where collective value outweighs any one individual.”


Mihai Constandis

Mihai Constandis

Studio Manager


What you can find at Cognizant Softvision Cluj


  • Strong technical communities (part of global guilds) ready to welcome you and take you to the next step of your career: Web, Enterprise .Net, QA, Enterprise Coffee, iOS, Android, DevOps, Agile Transformation, Big Data, Ui/UX, Mobile Cross-Platform, AI.
  • The opportunity to attend various tech events, whether external or hosted in-house.
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