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“Growth is never by mere chance! It is the result of forces working together. For the Cognizant Softvision Iași Studio, the forces put to work are a mix of professionalism, passion, hard work, technologies, innovation, leading customers and leadership, all tied together by the universal glue that is the global dimension of our world. Not to mention our deeply rooted Agile mindset. 

Since 2011, we’ve offered development contexts to the most passionate and dedicated IT professionals in Iași, through challenging projects. Accept the challenge and become part of the Cognizant Softvision Iași family!”  


What you can find at Cognizant Softvision Iasi


  • A strong sense of local community
  • Strong technical communities (part of global guilds) to welcome you and take you to the next step in your career: Web, QA, Enterprise Coffee, Enterprise .Net, Android, iOS, Agile Transformation, Mobile Cross-Platform, DevOps, Big Data, UI/UX, AI, Android
  • Varied and exotic technical groups, with amazing professionals on ReactNative,DB,AI & ML, and more
  • 300 (and growing) colleagues to learn from, have fun with and help out when in need
  • Lots of technical events to be part of, such as  CodeCamp,NDR, .Net Days, Programmers’ Week, and more
  • Strong presence in the local technical community and local universities, where our colleagues teach classes
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Our Openings

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