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“Cognizant Softvision studios inspire our software developers to bring innovation in the creation of digital products. We believe that Timișoara, the future European Cultural Capital in 2023, is an amazing place to live, build a career and make some friends. It’s a multicultural space with baroque architecture, great social and academic events and a real IT hub with a lot of opportunities.”

“When I joined Cognizant Softvision in May 2019 I started the journey with an open heart and mindset, with a desire to focus on change and improvement and with an acute sense of curiosity, optimism and drive. My colleagues were awesome, supportive and I adapted to the organizational culture quickly. The collaborative management style and organization was an excellent surprise and it felt like home. I was impressed by the maturity of my colleagues, the consultancy expertise and how we quickly created the premises for a healthy and sustainable growth in Timișoara. The results were impressive– one year later we managed to double the size of the organization with a desire to continue on the path in the years to come”  said Raul Petrascu, Timisoara Studio Manager.


What you can find in Cognizant Softvision Timisoara


  • A group of great peers, with a milestone number of 200 employees as of 2020
  • Great learning and career opportunities in our local technical communities (part of global guilds), with focus on Web, Quality Assurance, Java, .NET Web & Desktop, Project Management
  • Extended partnership with local universities, developing a diverse set of programs for students and other young professionals
  • Strong partnership with local and national tech events, such as Codecamp, RevoJS, Liga AC Labs, and more
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Our Openings

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